Amerikan Krazy: The Star Wars Crawl Version

Apparently with a bit of CSS code, one can quickly make the description of one’s book into a short pseudo-“book trailer” in the mode of Star Wars. As a short entertaining diversion, the hilarious folks at Boffo Socko Books did this for Amerikan Krazy. Thanks for the Boffo laugh guys!

Culture  geeks will appreciate the subtlety that the URL ends with #HanShotFirst.

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Ebook version of Exact Change is now available on Amazon

My first book Exact Change: Short Fiction is now available on Amazon!

Here’s a quick excerpt from the publisher’s website:

Henry James Korn’s first book, this collection of short form fiction was originally published by Assembling Press in 1974 with an original lithograph cover by photographer and print-maker Scott Hyde.

It now finds a new life in digital form as an e-book. Of particular interest to modern audiences are several clear links from Korn’s late 60’s and early 70’s literary experiments to the anticipated major themes, characters, and plot points in his forthcoming debut novel Amerikan Krazy.

Memorable stories include King Kong in the Kitchen, The Condemned of Altoona, and One Thing Perfectly Clear. It also contains one of his earliest modular experimental efforts The Pontoon Manifesto which was published separately in a variety of formats.

Source: Exact Change: Short Fiction | Boffo Socko Books

I’d kindly ask those who enjoy reading it to leave reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, LibraryThing, or your own blog. Sharing via social media is also appreciated!


Buy now on

P.S.: You can get it for free if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber. If not you can join now for 30 Days Free.

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Democracy in the digital age: When will online voting be possible?

Democracy in the digital age: When will online voting be possible? Security concerns remain a major obstacle for non-paper ballots, JHU’s Avi Rubin tells ‘Scientific American’

Source: Democracy in the digital age: When will online voting be possible? | Hub

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Muhammad Ali Defends Islam After Trump’s Remarks

“Mr. Ali called on political leaders to foster understanding about his faith after Mr. Trump’s call to bar foreign Muslims from entering the United States.”

Source: Muhammad Ali Defends Islam After Trump’s Remarks – The New York Times

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Jonathan Pollard, American Who Spied for Israel, Released After 30 Years | The New York Times

The American convicted of spying for Israel was released on parole on Friday, but the Obama administration had no plans to let him move to Israel.

Source: Jonathan Pollard, American Who Spied for Israel, Released After 30 Years – The New York Times

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Donald Trump and Ben Carson Underwhelm Iowa Republicans in Debate

In interviews, a dozen Iowa Republicans said nothing in Wednesday’s debate had made them more likely to vote for Donald J. Trump, while Ben Carson disappointed some with his economic answers.

Source: Donald Trump and Ben Carson Underwhelm Iowa Republicans in Debate – The New York Times

Includes a great quote:

Mr. Olson has a presidential candidate in his own home: his son Brady, who over the summer drew a flutter of national attention after registering as an independent named Deez Nuts. He drew 7 percent in one early Iowa poll. Brady, 15, did not watch the debate, his father said. He was at a high school football game.

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This Halloween, Be the Talk of the Party – The New York Times

This Halloween, Be the Talk of the Party – The New York Times

Conceptual costumes are hot. Here’s how to stand out.

It’s almost like this article is straight out of The Proceedings of the National Academy of the Avant Garde.


By SAM APPLE on OCT. 29, 2015

EVERYONE knows that a brilliant conceptual costume will make you the star of the Halloween party. But with each passing year, it becomes harder to stand out. If you really want other partygoers to be surprised and delighted when you reveal “what you are,” these overlooked costumes are sure to be a hit.

The Red Carpet Treatment

Spend entire party rubbing stain remover into small strip of red carpeting.

Going Out on a Limb

Arrive at party, then immediately leave and spend rest of evening sitting on a branch in the backyard.

Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness

Dress as the pope. Lather everyone on dance floor with enormous amounts of Purell.

The Calm Before the Storm

Spend most of party relaxing on couch. As things are winding down, run wildly through room, smashing everything in sight. Announce that, while your costume is now, technically, over, you had previously been “the calm before the storm.”

Spilling the Beans

Arrive at party with a large bowl of refried beans. “Accidentally” drop globs of beans on other guests.

Lap of Luxury

Tape fine cutlery and a bottle of expensive wine to groin. (Bonus idea: Tape hood ornaments from expensive cars to groin.)

Not Playing With a Full Deck

Force partygoers to sit down for a friendly game of gin rummy. Announce at end of game that the deck has only 51 cards.

Play Your Cards Right

Same as above, only you use entire deck.

Nothing to Sneeze At

Cover yourself in hypoallergenic makeup and lotion. Consider taping packages of Allegra and Claritin to your face.

You Only Live Once

Dress as Danny Zuko from “Grease.” Perform “Greased Lightning.”

Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

Remove shoes. Tape one to ceiling insecurely so that it falls right away. Tape second shoe to ceiling more securely and spend entire party staring at it with hopeful expression.

Wild Goose Chase

Arrive with goose. Release goose.

The Naked Truth

Remove clothing. Invite other partygoers to discuss the meaning of life. (Also works for “You Only Live Once.”)

Now We’re Cooking

Violently threaten other partygoers until you have them baking muffins with you in the kitchen. Shout: “Now We’re Cooking!”

Working on My Bucket List

Spend party at table composing a lengthy list of buckets of all shapes and sizes.

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire

Sit in large frying pan throughout most of party. When moment is right, stand up, sprint across room and dive headfirst into fireplace.

All Over the Map

Spread out map. Roll.

The Full Story

Consume enormous amounts of food throughout the evening. Occasionally pause to read aloud from The Paris Review.

Living the Dream

Run through party with no pants shouting that it’s the day of the final exam and you haven’t studied. (Alternative: Dress as Danny Zuko and perform “Greased Lightning.”)

Sam Apple teaches creative writing at the University of Pennsylvania and is the author of “American Parent.”

Source: A version of this op-ed appears in print on October 30, 2015, on page A27 of the New York edition with the headline: This Halloween, Be the Talk of the Party.

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