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Building a Better AnonyMouse Trap in The New York Times

Either Amerikan Krazy has already broken into the political zeitgeist in America or AnonyMouse really is just a pernicious and rapidly breeding character. Either way in one of her final print columns for The New York Times, public editor Margaret Sullivan felt compelled to share some thoughts on our masked rodent friend:

“The Times has a new way to handle information supplied by people who don’t want to be identified by name — also known as anonymous sources, or jocularly, because they are omnipresent and hard to control, as “anonymice.”

–Margaret Sullivan, Public Editor, The New York Times
in Building a Better Anonymouse Trap on March 19, 2016

AnonyMouse, a seminal character from the novel Amerikan Krazy
AnonyMouse, a seminal character from the novel Amerikan Krazy

If, for some reason, Ms. Sullivan wasn’t aware of Amerikan Krazy, we’re happy to send her a review copy for her entertainment before she starts her new gig as a media columnist for the Washington Post. Perhaps it might serve as the perfect de-stressing tonic between the shell shock of being public editor and covering the realities of media in Amerika? Certainly the political satire will serve her in good stead in her coming role.

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