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Muhammad Ali Defends Islam After Trump’s Remarks

“Mr. Ali called on political leaders to foster understanding about his faith after Mr. Trump’s call to bar foreign Muslims from entering the United States.”

Source: Muhammad Ali Defends Islam After Trump’s Remarks – The New York Times

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Donald Trump and Ben Carson Underwhelm Iowa Republicans in Debate

In interviews, a dozen Iowa Republicans said nothing in Wednesday’s debate had made them more likely to vote for Donald J. Trump, while Ben Carson disappointed some with his economic answers.

Source: Donald Trump and Ben Carson Underwhelm Iowa Republicans in Debate – The New York Times

Includes a great quote:

Mr. Olson has a presidential candidate in his own home: his son Brady, who over the summer drew a flutter of national attention after registering as an independent named Deez Nuts. He drew 7 percent in one early Iowa poll. Brady, 15, did not watch the debate, his father said. He was at a high school football game.

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Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream

Senator Bernie Sanders came out for

  1. Abolishing the National Football League;
  2. Jailing its investors for piracy of public funds; and
  3. Nationalizing all publicly funded football stadiums.

The Democratic Presidential candidate’s comprehensive corporate sports policy statement was accompanied by a proposal to replace blood thirsty gridiron slug-fests with hugely entertaining, safe, and friendly all-weather international home run derbies.

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Even Congress Updates Wikipedia

With the upcoming election cycle for the big races in 2016, the @CongressEdits Twitter account is certainly going to be an entertaining one to watch.

“I’m a bot that tweets anonymous Wikipedia edits that are made from IP addresses in the US Congress.”
– From the biography block of the @CongressEdits Twitter Account

Here’s your chance to see some subtle Machiavellian-ism taking place in the digital realm. If you want to be really subversive… well, who really needs advice on this subject that you can’t get by studying the San Diego Three?

The next thing you know, they’ll be using unregulated platforms like Snapchat to campaign — oops, I spoke too soon

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