Selected Anthologies

The Living Underground: Prose from America’s Finest Underground Writers, 1979-1999 edited by Hugh Fox, The Whitson Publishing Company, New York, 1999. Henry James Korn; Jerry Bumpus; Robert Fox; Ronald Koertge; Jack Micheline; Holly Prado; Harry Smith; A.D. Winans et al.

The Cantos by Ezra Pound 121-150 edited by Michael Andre, Unmuzzled Ox, New York, 1985.  Henry James Korn; John Cage; Allen Ginsberg; Gregory Corso; Andrei Codrescu; Paul Bowles; Lynn Tillman; Patti Smith; Daniel Berrigan et al.

The Poet’s Encyclopedia: The World’s Basic Knowledge Transformed edited by Michael Andre and Erika Rothenberg, Unmuzzled Ox, New York. 1979.  Henry James Korn; Kathy Acker; Charles Bukowski; Leonard Cohen; Barbara Guest; Henry Miller; Frank O’Hara et al.

Breakthrough Fictioneers edited by Richard Kostelanetz, Something Else Press, Vermont, 1973.  Henry James Korn; J.G. Ballard; John Barth; William S. Burroughs; Russell Edson; Richard Foreman; Gertrude Stein et al.

Human Connection and the New Media edited by Barry N. Schwartz, Prentice-Hall, New Jersey, 1973.  Henry James Korn; John Lilly; Norbert Wiener; Isaac Asimov; R. Buckminster Fuller; Jim Freedman et al.

In Youth: the Writers Today and the Writing of Tomorrow, edited by Richard Kostelanetz, Ballantine Books, New York, 1972.  Henry James Korn; Margaret Atwood; Frederick Bartheleme; Thomas M. Disch et al.

US: The Roots of Underground Culture edited by Richard Goldstein, Bantam Books, New York, 1970.  Henry James Korn; Frederic Tuten; Robert Christgau; Tom Clark; Alfred G. Aronowitz; Michael Lydon et al.

Voices of Brooklyn edited by Sol Yurick, American Library Association, Chicago, 1973. Henry James Korn; Wendy Lopate; Vincent Campo; Terrence Malley et al.

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