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Henry James Korn’s books include Amerikan Krazy (Spring, 2015), Marc Chagall; From the Desk of Dr. Know; A Difficult Art to Follow: Stories & Essays, and Muhammad Ali Retrospective. Korn has written about art, sports, popular culture, media and history for magazines and newspapers and his stories have been published in fiction anthologies and literary magazines. Korn was awarded a writing fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts. From 2008-13, Korn served as Orange County Great Park principal planning and program development specialist for arts, culture and history where he organized festivals and exhibitions and guided planning for the Palm Court Arts Complex and Great Park Gallery. Korn previously served as Director of the Poway Center for the Performing Arts Foundation; Director of Arts and Culture, City of Beverly Hills; President of Guild Hall of East Hampton (Eastern Long Island’s cultural center); Cultural Affairs Manager for the City of Irvine, Arts Commission Director for the City of Santa Monica; Executive Director, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and Administrator of New York’s Jewish Museum. Mr. Korn holds a B.A. in Liberal Arts from Johns Hopkins University where he edited the undergraduate newspaper.

Building a Better AnonyMouse Trap in The New York Times

Either Amerikan Krazy has already broken into the political zeitgeist in America or AnonyMouse really is just a pernicious and rapidly breeding character. Either way in one of her final print columns for The New York Times, public editor Margaret Sullivan felt compelled to share some thoughts on our masked rodent friend:

“The Times has a new way to handle information supplied by people who don’t want to be identified by name — also known as anonymous sources, or jocularly, because they are omnipresent and hard to control, as “anonymice.”

–Margaret Sullivan, Public Editor, The New York Times
in Building a Better Anonymouse Trap on March 19, 2016

AnonyMouse, a seminal character from the novel Amerikan Krazy
AnonyMouse, a seminal character from the novel Amerikan Krazy

If, for some reason, Ms. Sullivan wasn’t aware of Amerikan Krazy, we’re happy to send her a review copy for her entertainment before she starts her new gig as a media columnist for the Washington Post. Perhaps it might serve as the perfect de-stressing tonic between the shell shock of being public editor and covering the realities of media in Amerika? Certainly the political satire will serve her in good stead in her coming role.

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Henry James Korn Discusses Amerikan Krazy On Ask A Leader | Boffo Socko Books

The audio podcast version of my interview yesterday on KUCI’s “Ask a Leader” is available to listen or download:

Henry James Korn Discusses Amerikan Krazy On Ask A Leader | Boffo Socko Books

In the interview, I discuss–for the first time publicly–my next book Zionista.

You can also listen below via SoundCloud:

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BC Space Gallery presents “Amerikan Krazy: Life Out of Balance”

Friends and Fans of Amerikan Krazy, I wanted to share the recent post from Mark Chamberlain and the BC Space Gallery in Laguna Beach with all of you.  Everyone is invited, and I’d love to see all your bright shining faces there.

Dear Friends of BC Space

…Here we go again, as go we must.

BC Space Gallery is proud to present Amerikan Krazy: Life Out of Balance featuring the work of over twenty notable southland artists.

There will be an opening reception on Sunday, March 20, MMXVI, from 1-5 PM in celebration of the Vernal Equinox when our planet once again achieves balance between light and dark.

At the opening, from 2-4 PM, Henry James Korn will launch his new book Amerikan Krazy after which this show was named and thematically assembled. Henry’s comic masterpiece picks up where George Orwell, Jules Verne, and Edward Abbey left off, and turns political writing into art. See: (

Henry Korn is the former director of the Art, Culture, and Heritage program at the Orange County Great Park. At the conclusion of his reading, there will be a discussion period on how the original grand dream for the transformation of the former Marine Corps air base has changed from a public serving project into a corporate theme park, sports complex, and housing development that mirrors the “Founding Father Land” depicted in Korn’s relentless satirical novel.

Amerikan Krazy: Life Out of Balance includes work by: Jorg Dubin, Joella March, Stephen Anderson, Jeff Gillette, F. Scott Hess, Tom Lamb, Douglas McCulloh, Haley Blatte, Jerry Burchfield, Mark Chamberlain, Ricardo Duffy, Jared Milar, Max Papeschi, Jessica DeStephano, Lynn Kubasek, Glenn Brooks, Ron English, Dustin Shuler, Clayton Spada, Jacques Garnier, Pat Spakuhl, and Dan Van Clapp.

This exhibition will be on display until May 20, 2016. Gallery hours are by arrangement. The opening reception is free to the public, but seating for the book launch is limited so reservations are encouraged.

For additional information please contact the gallery or Mark Chamberlain.

Source: BC Space

The gallery can be contacted at the details below:

BC Space Gallery
235 Forest Avenue
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

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Sketch of Henry James Korn by Patricia Bijvoet

A great little note and a sketch from a fan who attended the launch of Amerikan Krazy at Chevalier’s Books last week. It really made my day!

“I hope you don’t mind if I share the little sketch I had to make seeing you reading in such a confident and slightly ironic way.”

Patricia Bijvoet

Blue ink cartoon sketch of Henry James Korn Reading Amerikan Krazy at Chevalier's Books
Sketch of Henry James Korn Reading Amerikan Krazy at Chevalier’s Books by Patricia Bijvoet
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Henry James Korn on KUCI FM 88.9 Ask a Leader on Tuesday, March 15

I go on KUCI FM 88.9 Ask a Leader program on Tuesday, March 15 at 9:30 AM, and, if prompted by my host Claudia Shambaugh, I may have a few choice things to say about the privatization of the Orange County Great Park in the context of my novel Amerikan Krazy which is also about the corporate capture of every single square inch of public and private psychological and physical space in the universe.

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Amerikan Krazy: The Star Wars Crawl Version

Apparently with a bit of CSS code, one can quickly make the description of one’s book into a short pseudo-“book trailer” in the mode of Star Wars. As a short entertaining diversion, the hilarious folks at Boffo Socko Books did this for Amerikan Krazy. Thanks for the Boffo laugh guys!

Culture  geeks will appreciate the subtlety that the URL ends with #HanShotFirst.

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Amerikan Krazy Unboxing

A few cartons of the hardcover of Amerikan Krazy arrived today for the book launch at Chevalier’s Books next Wednesday!

Wanting to share my excitement with fans, I took a quick photo series of the unboxing of the copies.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you haven’t RSVP’d for the reading and book signing, there’s still some room left. Please RSVP at Boffo Socko Books or on Facebook.

Can’t wait for Wednesday or want to read it before the book signing? You can buy the hardcover or e-book version on Amazon or wherever fine literature is sold.

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From The Unintentional Last Words of 13 Writers | Vulture

“I taught the yuppies … Perfectly sound young men came out of college, went to work for Nixon, and were hardened criminals on Wall Street before you knew it.”

— James Baldwin, 1987 as quoted in The Unintentional Last Words of 13 Writers — Vulture

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