Where is Admiral James Bond Stockdale now that we need him?

I call on Hillary Clinton to step aside for the good of the nation and get behind a ticket of Biden and Bernie because otherwise, the Trump-Fiorina bulldozer appears invincible.

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6 thoughts on “Where is Admiral James Bond Stockdale now that we need him?”

  1. I had forgotten about this guy. Interesting to me is the rhetorical gambit which uses personal experience as a model for defining what everyone else needs to do. Stockade dropped bombs on Vietnam and therefore understands the war. Ben Carson does this by suggesting that his difficult background taught him that no one needs any help. And then there is Trump’s endless celebrating of his deal-making skills. And what has he produced? Some of the most pointless and grotesque buildings on the planet. If I was Carly Fiorina, I would ask him to double his erectile dysfunction meds so he would calm down.

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    1. Couldn’t agree more. Hillary will be an endless bashing and will not be able to work with the Rep. Congress. Biden has a chance of being a President who can get along.
      Of course I really want Bernie. But I voted of McGovern back in the day.
      But what a cartoon country we have.

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